Live Demo
EUCoord main tasks will be illustrated live and online. Our presentation will be shaped to your needs and at your request.
The program is dedicated to those who want to understand more about EUCoord and its potentialities – FREE attendance.

For the Coordinator and Partners: 2 hours of training webinar on the full usage of EUCoord.
Dedicated to those who start using EUCoord.

Post Training
After the first training, a follow-up session will be dedicated to clarify possible doubts, questions, particular cases etc.
Dedicated to those who already started using EUCoord.


Consultancy is based on EnginSoft’s 10+ years of experiences in coordinating European Projects:

Project Proposal Writing

  • Adhesion to the Call – We help you to verify your project proposal, if it is written according to the call hints and guidelines;
  • How to write things – We all know that some things sound and become "better" if they are written in a certain manner: we support you in finding/choosing the correct manner;
  • Budget definition – We help you to correctly justify and position each spending item and to harmonize the full consortium budget;
  • Proposal Submission – We help you to untangle the maze of administrative steps to overcome for the proposal submission (PIC, Forms A and C, rules…)

Project Coordination, Accounting and Reporting

  • Coordination – Activities and meeting scheduling, instruments and methods to adopt, event organization, proper involvement of partners, teamwork-management;
  • Accounting and Reporting – How to be sure that everything is really on track, how to evaluate deviations from the budget and add proper comments to reports.