What is it?

European Co-funded Projects are great opportunities for companies who believe in R&D, new technologies and product development.

EUCOORD is a web-based application for Project Management and Financial Accounting of FP7 Research Projects.

It’s has been developed based on EnginSoft’s 10+ years of experiences in fostering and coordinating European and National Projects (e.g. NADIA www.nadiaproject.org).

The platform offers everything that is needed for the Coordination of Research Projects:

  • Activities check and coordination;
  • Deliverables, Milestones and related Gantt Chart handling;
  • Dissemination planning;
  • Accounts management;
  • Reports generation;
  • Project web-site and communication management.

The whole Consortium benefits from the following advantages:

  • The Project Data are available 24 hours a day from any platform;
  • The Project and Financial Management work  becomes  easier, faster and more guided;
  • Any operation reflects the FP7 Project guidelines reducing the risk of mistakes;
  • The Coordinator does not need to spend hours on the phone to collect data;
  • The Partners are asked to provide their own data through simple and guided operations;
  • The risk to produce wrong Reports is drastically reduced;
  • The web-site of the project can be easily created and managed by the Coordinator;
  • Communication and collaboration within the Consortium are promoted and kept alive.

EUCOORD can be included in the project proposal: the cost for EUCOORD can be covered by the project.

It deals with the majority of funding programs: IP, STREP, NOE, CSACA.