What is it for?

EUCOORD keeps the FP7 Research Project on track through its whole life cycle.

Project Management
EUCOORD handles the structure, the contents and the scheduling of the Project: each Work Package and Task is well described in terms of technical content, leadership and duration.
The related Milestones and Deliverables are treated in the same way.
The Gantt chart is automatically generated and updated on the basis of the Efforts declared by the partners.

Consortium Management
EUCOORD collects all the Consortium details:  for each partner, a dedicated section contains the company description, its role in the project, the reference persons with details and related documents.
Based on these data, different mailing lists are automatically created in order to manage the communication at different levels.
Automatic reminders or notifications are generated and a statistical report about the read/answered messages is provided.

Effort and cost declaration
EUCOORD keeps on track the Actual Vs Budget Costs and Efforts.
For each partner, a dedicated section collects input of Costs and Efforts for any reporting period. Costs are detailed and arranged according to the FP7 categories.
Partners are periodically reminded to insert their own progress data, assuring consistency, formality and availability of numbers. The related tables and Cost Statements are automatically generated according to the FP7 forms, and warning messages alert in case of inconsistency with forecast budget.
The Coordinator checks the received data and, when everything is completed, freezes each reporting period.
The contribution requested by the EU is automatically processed on the basis of the financial guide rules.
The Coordinator and partners have different and protected accesses.

Project reporting
The list of requested reports is automatically provided for each reporting period, based on the project scheduling. Reports are created according to the FP7 templates in MS Office format, so the Coordinator can easily edit the reports and add comments.

Project Web-site Management
EUCOORD provides the possibility to easily create and manage the Project web-site, which is a specific FP7  requirement. The web-site structure can be tailored, starting from a pre-defined template, according to the Project features and contents.
The communication and collaboration within the Consortium is promoted and kept alive through public and private areas where documents, notifications and news are constantly available.